Sharanya Krishna Prasad

    Sharanya Krishna Prasad

    Sharanya has been passionately committed to environmental and animal causes since her early years. Originally from Madras (now Chennai), in southeastern India.
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    Laura Flannery

    Laura Flannery

    Since the age of 12, when she attended her first pro-animal protest, Laura knew that she wanted to work for an organization like WSPA.
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Jul 15, 2009


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It's interesting to know that these creatures are treated like this by temples. From the outside someone would believe that these animals would be treated like royalty, especially since they are considered sacred. However, does the solution lie in educating travelers alone? I would think either reaching out to temple authorities or pressuring them through other media (newspaper, television or radio) that has a wider reach in India could be a better idea.

Enslaving any animal is against the tenets of Hinduism. Use of elephants in temples of worship some how became a practice that has to be discarded.
Elephant in the Shape of Lord Ganapati should not be tortured like this. The Elephant Lovers should love them in their Natural Habitat, the wild.
Please don't trap and torture these majestic animals in the name of GOD.
NB Nair, a devout Hindu.

Please boycott Kerala for its dismal animal abuse history. A global campaign has been launched to convince the US State Department also. Behind the beauty of lush green nature, thrives the savage uncivilized barbaric psyche. Says one of the State's best known writers, Paul Zacharia. "Where in the world is the elephant worst treated? The honest and straight answer is Kerala". Kerala also has India's highest suicides, drunkards, sexual perverts, and mentally deranged. Claim to be Civilized!!!

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