Sharanya Krishna Prasad

    Sharanya Krishna Prasad

    Sharanya has been passionately committed to environmental and animal causes since her early years. Originally from Madras (now Chennai), in southeastern India.
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    Laura Flannery

    Laura Flannery

    Since the age of 12, when she attended her first pro-animal protest, Laura knew that she wanted to work for an organization like WSPA.
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Sep 25, 2009


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Thank you for this blog; I hope the western world is waking up to the idea that they can do something about animal cruelty as tourists. I have been doing just that for a decade now and it has been a pretty lonely business.
Finally some help!

Thank you for posting this entry. I have been in similar situations and experienced an overwhelming sense of helplessness. I particularly appreciate your reminding us about the WSPA member society database; hopefully we can turn the negative feelings into positive action.

Same situation with stray dogs is in Moscow, the most expensive city in the world. Stray dogs are filling the streets of Moscow, they go in packs and some are not friendly to people at all. There are no government shelters in Moscow, I know there was an attempt to open them, but people say money just disappeared and nothing was done. Some people feed the dogs, some open shelters on construction sites, but this is just a drop in an ocean. Dogs multiply and get feral with no hope for adoption if they get in a shelter.

It's not just in Ecuador; I have witnessed animal cruelty in Greece, Jordan and Egypt, Spain..... it broke my heart. People there actually believe that animals have no feelings. I contribute to animal shelters, Humane Societies, and, of course, WSPCA. I believe that educating children in schools in these countries about animals, that they, indeed, have feelings, will bring change.

Bless U

Animals have a right to this planet, too!!

Thank you for posting this. I went on a cruise to no-where and there were goldfinches on the ship and they had nowhere to go after the boat started sailing. The winds were so fierce that I noticed all the little birds except one were dead on the dock after hours of sailing. I tried to catch the one surviving bird but could not get it as it went under something and was unreachable. I cried and felt so helpless. I will never go on one of those cruises to no where again just for the sheer reason that these birds who hang out on the dock don't realize that if they don't fly off the boat, they are going to die.

Thank you for the useful information. I am from Mexico and avoid visiting because I will encounter abuse, hunger and homeless animals, no doubt. It's painful to feel that helpless, but I still get locally involved by feeding them for the time being, but I also know that when I leave I have not made a big impact to help them longterm. When tourists/locals see me feeding the animals, they at first chuckle, before long, i see a sparkle of care in their eyes, and I know I have planted a seed of compassion that may grow as I leave. It's confusing for people, i know they are thinking why does she care and they are interested. Then i know at least one person in that group will care soon, maybe not there, but somewhere else, they will have to courage to help that hungry dog everyone sees, but everyone pretends is not there (the pink elephant in the room. The vacation is always better w/o having to worry about the local animal welfare problems, right?

As usual I will help at the moment, and make a longer impact by reporting the animal abuse, cruelty etc., to the government... thank you, Eva

My son is an archaelogist. I visited him two years ago while he was working in Pompei. There the "dogs of Pompei". These are pets who local and visitors just drop off. They are not pack or wild dogs...There is no local shelter for them. Locals believe that
the dogs are the "souls of the people who died there" IT is heartbreaking. All the millions of dollars from tourists and no one helps the dogs of Pompei. Jessie Jacobs, Colorado.

My experience and knowledge of all animal suffering, including stray cats and dogs is ovewhelming. I do what I can individually, send money to the organizations I feel are the best ones when I can afford it, and I pray a whole lot!! I believe that prayer is a forgotten about obtion that happens to be very powerful. These poor beasts that so many of us care about and want to help are God's creatures, so I pray for Him to have mercy on them AND... to change the hearts of people who inflict suffering on them and/or fail to help alleviate their suffering.

I've being researching about Quito and reading your blog, I found your post very helpful :) . I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog!

Hi Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, a cool site I like

With the new 2011. Year! Congratulations.

My heart is breaking for these animals. I believe they have feelings too. I don't believe that donating is enough, this should be spread to the world. Make people aware what should be and should not be done on these situations.

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