Sharanya Krishna Prasad

    Sharanya Krishna Prasad

    Sharanya has been passionately committed to environmental and animal causes since her early years. Originally from Madras (now Chennai), in southeastern India.
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    Laura Flannery

    Laura Flannery

    Since the age of 12, when she attended her first pro-animal protest, Laura knew that she wanted to work for an organization like WSPA.
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Dec 10, 2009


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I just recently returned from Greece where I was searching for (& found) a stray dog I had met while on vacation 2 months earlier, plus found another dog who was close to death from untreated virus. They are both now safe in Canada with my wife & I. None would have been possible w/o the help of the KAZ shelter & their unselfish volunteers, including Fifi Marcou (Pres), Vana Theodoridou (Board Secretary), and so many others I met & admired for their devotion to animals.
It is difficult and very sad to realize the extent of cruelty to animals in Greece (which I just learned), and which has unfortunately altered my appreciation of Greece somewhat.
KAZ does wonderful work, with absolutely no "official" support whatsoever. Their effort & devotion amazed me. I salute them all; I will always remember them and the outstanding help they gave in finding "Thena" & "Phoebe". GO, KAZ!!

This dichotomy always amazes me as far as the Greek psyche is concerned. Warm hearted, compassionate and loving to others yet so cruel and indifferent towards our little friends.
I have just returned from U.K. where I have lived for 4 years. It saddens me to see how little is being done from the official government bodies as far as animal welfare is concerned. Do you think there could be a combined effort from international/ paneuropean organisations such as WSPA and RSPCA with the greek animal welfare societies and refuges across the country?
There are many willing and capable people in Greece who genuinely want to do something about the animals. Funding is a major issue indeed, but organisation and project management is also another...
We desperately need both in Greece.

Dogs protect us! The elderly as it no longer felt alone! With young people, it increases the song and laughter! It is a good helper

"We give them the space we can spare, the love we can spare, the time we can spare, and in return the dog has given us his absolute all. It is without doubt the best "deal" that man has ever made."

Beautiful!!! You truly have an eye for colour.

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