Sharanya Krishna Prasad

    Sharanya Krishna Prasad

    Sharanya has been passionately committed to environmental and animal causes since her early years. Originally from Madras (now Chennai), in southeastern India.
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    Laura Flannery

    Laura Flannery

    Since the age of 12, when she attended her first pro-animal protest, Laura knew that she wanted to work for an organization like WSPA.
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Feb 26, 2010


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Inhumane and barbaric!

So EVIL, So CRUEL! People need to speak up for the voiceless NOW.


This makes me sick. I cannot stand any cruelty to animals, how terrible. Please continue to "teach" people how to entertain themselves, WSPA.

The "dancing" bears trauma is truly one of the most sickening (I felt the urge to literally vomit) and heartbreaking animal abuse issues I have ever seen. I can't get those innocent, tortured bears out of my mind.

How can anyone be so soulless and unconsciousable... My soul is filled with great sadness for these poor, innocent bears.

This cruelty must be stopped... in sorrow...

It sickens me how cruel man is to animals as well as to one another. The only hope for this world is in those individuals who choose to be humane stewards of all living things.

I am partly Indian, have been to India, and have seen this and it is barbaric. How to stop it? Education. Perhaps when Indian people understand how abusive this is their humanity will trump their need for money. But when someone must have food a lot of ethical considerations fly out the window. And this is a culture of classes that does not value everyone (or everything) as equal.

I am screaming with frustration and rage, watching these beautiful animals being tortured. God bless you all at WSPA and guide you in your work to abolish this fiendish cruelty, as soon as possible. They have suffered enough.

These "dancing" bears actually make me physically sick when I seem them toothless, spiritless and tormented.

Unspeakable thanks to all working to end this hideous cruelty. It is so evident that these bears are pain-driven and fear-driven, how can people not see that? It escapes me. I do wild horse advocacy and protection. I am so glad to be DOING something to help animals who have no voice.

The lack of compassion and empathy in humans is the most dangerous thing in the world. And the tendency among humans to ignore our compassionate responses and refuse to change our ways is the 2nd most dangerous thing.
CARING IS GREAT; ACTION IS BETTER. My blog, if it's okay to post, is humaneobserver.blogspot.com.
Thank you again for all you are doing!

I am sickened by the ongoing practice in India of the "dancing bears", stealing youngsters, mutilating their bodies, and forcing them to live in fear, pain and humiliation. As these sick and evil men dont seem to fear the normal legal course of action if caught...perhaps if the penalty for their actions were, say castration, they might figure out they can live just fine without forcing bears to dance. They do not deserve mercy.

Many Westerners think India is an example of Well-being for Animals . We believe all animals there are protected and respectfully
treated . This video is so sad and repugnant .

How awful and cruel that this can be done. This is inhumane and these people should suffer as the bears.

How painful and sad! We must do all we can to enforce India's existing laws concerning the welfare of all its animals, and doing away with this horrible practice!

if you could encourage a million people to give one pound a month, would it help in what you are doing to stop this cruelty?

more people would give just one pound a month- and that could be a new campaign - it might work, because lots of people love animals and this is soooo wicked. why not try it, and get people to send out chain emails, recruiting one pound a month sponsorship. and use the money to educate as well as fight the wicked laws which allow such a thing. God Bless you for all you do.

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